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Our volunteers and consultants are multilingual, dynamic, talented and recognized in their areas of expertise.

We pay particular attention to both the capabilities of our consultants and their qualities. This approach allows us to select those that best meet the requirements of our missions.




A very short word that evokes many humanitarian and development actions.

Humanitarian volunteers are people of "goodwill" who want to feel useful and act for others.


So our volunteers, consultants devote more than half of their time within CRJ in humanitarian actions and sustainable development projects.



Our volunteers, consultants support you, to meet your needs, help you make your projects a reality and progress by drawing inspiration from best practices in the sector.

In all our areas of expertise, we help you from the analysis of your needs to the evaluation of your results.

Whatever your request or your need: We will discuss the best way to collaborate to present you with a collaborative and constructive work plan.

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